Manganous Dihydrogen Phosphate
Manganous Dihydrogen Phosphate
Manganous Dihydrogen Phosphate
Alias: Manganese dihydrogen phosphate
English name: Manganese dihydrogen phosphate
CAS No.: 18718-07-5
Molecular formula: Mn(H2PO4)2·2H2O
Property: White to gray or reddish crystals. Hygroscopicity strong, can be dissolved in water and from the hydrolysis to generate the flocculent precipitate. The acidic aqueous solution. Insoluble in alcohol.
Specification: HG/T 2831—1997
Indicator indicator
Phosphoric acid and phosphate (P2O5,%)46—52
Manganese (Mn, %)≥14.0
Iron (Fe, %)≤0.5
Acidity (0.3 samples consume 0.1NnaOH )≥25.0
Water insoluble (%) ≤6.0
Sulfate (SO42,%)≤0.07
Heating Loss (%) ≤19.0
Use: Mainly used as rust-proof steel phosphating agent. Especially suitable for large-scale machinery and equipment, painting and by the phosphate treatment prevents the device from atmospheric erosion and improve the insulation.
Packing: Woven bag lined with plastic bags, each bag of 25 kg or 50 kg. Iron drum lined with plastic bags, 50 kg per barrel.
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